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September 4, 2018 8:39 pm

September 4, 2018 8:39 pm

Cabela’s YOUTH BACKCOUNTRY HIKERS ($80; ): This leather-and-nylon high-top boot is supportive with plenty of ankle stability The boot is also armored with a waterproof lining and a sturdy lugged sole Weight: 18 oz A version adult sizing is also available $100 BREAK IN YOUR While your new or shoes might feel comtable right out of the box it’s not a good idea to wear brand-new shoes on a long hike without breaking them in first — unless of course you like painful blisters! So start by wearing your new shoes to school around the house anywhere you can The more time you spend in them ahead of time the better off you’ll be on the trail This is especially important with new leather Recomded Bits Of Wisdom Deep Fried Bits Do It And How Bound4Escape B&P Chat First Name * Via   The hiking are really unique anonymuos // at 11:06 am // Reply Somebody from my church who was in the military gave me a pair leather.

I am inspired FULLTANG // Decem at 12:05 am // Reply I have kodiak that I got 30 dollars at Costco They work great and haven’t worn out tredously over multiple 2-3 hour hikes I would recomd them as they are waterproof comtable and durable. (Adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); This website approved by Gus & Trixie. Timberland buy them life Anonymous // Janu at 11:37 pm // Reply Merrell Chameleon Mid Waterproof are super comtable that I got at REI $65 I used them on a week long backpacking trip (31 Miles) in Utah’s High Uintas Wilderness and they were very comtable under a 30. I think that they all look pretty cool outdoorman55 // October 4 2012 at 7:57 pm // Reply they may look cool but do they fit you,are they durable,do they fit your style,or are they comtable enough to walk a long time?These are questions you need to ask yourself when buying any type of shoe,boot,or sandle :)(: think twice about EVERYTHING!!!!! Weather: Another hot and humid week here in the St Louis area Temps will drop to around 90ºF a few days next week but the humidity will still be. Just received as a gift Solomon GX trail hiking mid-top Really nice a lot different from my “loved” Timberlands These are as light and about the same price but are fast drying and have flared out soles lower chance of ankle twisting on the Philmont trails Looking ward to using these this summer; breaking them in right now … very comtable My size 12’s weigh 20 oz the pair.   I used to use mink oil a lot Only problem is if you plan on keeping the same more than 5 years mink oil breaks down the glue seals and stitching where as Snow Seal does not Mink oil is also a scent product meaning animals are attracted to it Not a good thing wilderness camping It’s a-number-one soccer shoes though Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) // Novem at 2:06 pm // Hmmmmmm… is that personal experance or just internet hype? L.l BEAN KIDS’ WATERPROOF TRAIL MODEL HIKERS ($50; ): Made of leather-and-synthetic-mesh uppers these mid-top are comtable straight out of the box and boost a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry Weight: 13.5 oz A new adult version the ’s Waterproof Trail Model Hikers 4 Mid runs $99 WATERPROOF? and shoes with waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex eVent and others usually do a good job of keeping the water out (think: stream crossings heavy rains) That said some guys find waterproof shoes to be less breathable and often sweaty in warmer drier weather So keep in mind where you’ll be hiking most and what the weather will. Make Your Paper Airplane Soar With These Tips Your feet are your direct connection to the trail so what you wear on them really matters — and it can make or break your day But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a boatload on a new pair The key is getting a good fit and picking the right shoe your needs Gear Guy is here to help with shopping tips plus a look at some of his favorite new and shoes RIGHT BOOT THE JOB The truth: A pair of sneakers with good tread and a stiff sole is probably all you’ll need 70 percent of your troop’s outings Trail-running shoes are always a great option The main exception is multiday hiking and backpacking and trail activities in cold or wet weather those you’ll want sturdier hiking shoes or with extra ankle support and possibly waterproof protection. (Adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); Subscribe today! There is no “ brand” Hiking can differ greatly even from the same manufacturer A boot that may be great one person may be terrible another My advice is to visit a reputable outdoor store such as REI EMS or Cabellas and work with someone to find a boot that fits you physically and fits your budget. Columbia YOUTH NEWTON RIDGE WATERPROOF ($65; ): This all-leather upper high-top boot is the most afdable leather boot in our roundup The leather is coated with a waterproof treatt while the sole has heavy lug traction Weight: 8.6 oz The ’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof an adult-sized version comes in at $90 LEATHER VS SYNTHETIC Leather are more durable and traditionally provide more ankle and foot stability on tough trails than made of synthetic materials But they are also heavier and more expensive Synthetic are lighter-weight and more comtable straight out of the box with less wear-in time.

Caring YOUR HIKING Always clean your after every hike If you have leather hiking apply a leather treatt like Nikwax every once in a while to keep them waterproof and prevent cracking and drying out Never dry wet by the campfire The heat will damage the soles and weaken the glue that holds them together To dry them out just remove the insoles and stuff your with newspaper. I bought a Pair of Steel toe Combats at my friendly neighborhood Military Surplus store if you have a big foot ( Im size 10 and a half) then go to a surplus store i got these like 20$ and wore then 3 years and they still fit t-bag 1234 // at 9:35 pm // Reply im a size 13 at 12 so they would. © 2018 Boy Scouts of America All rights reserved | Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: MH Magazine by MH Themes © 2018 Boy Scouts of America All rights reserved | Powered by VIP I love sports I love nature I love the Vibram Five Fingers! T-Man // October 9 2011 at 5:09 am // Reply I bought some imitation boots and they work perfectly! (Adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); I have the ones from Cabelas they work great if you have been to Quivira Scout Ranch the trails there are rough and these worked fine me12345 // Octo at 6:48 pm // Reply keens are awesome I agree Been using it years and have never had a problem Good call MT scout Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) // Octo at 12:31 pm // Reply Well actually as long as the boot says WATER-PROOF they should be water proof enough to last a while As Rewater proofing them I use good ol’. Visit to get involved in Scouting. The NORTH FACE JR HEDGEHOG HIKER ($50; ): The most afdable shoe in our roundup this synthetic and breathable mesh hiking shoe has an easy one-handed lacing system and rugged sole Weight: 8.7 oz An adult version the Hedgehog Hike is $120 FIT When trying on shoes and make sure you’re wearing the type of socks you’ll be hiking in The heel should be snug with enough wiggle room your toes up front Kick the floor — your toes shouldn’t hit the end Then spend at least 10 minutes test driving them walking around the store If you buy online try them inside your house because once you’ve worn new shoes outside you usually can’t return them If you’re planning to do winter hiking look extra toe room thicker socks and better foot circulation. Make sure they fit right Comt comt comt If something doesn’t feel right in the store it will be torture on the trail Wear the same socks or sock combination that you will wear hiking fitting I like fabric / leather combination uppers because they don’t take no time at all to. We are not talking about the same boot I got my Merrels $180 (but it was 100 dollars off) at sportsmans warehouse sounds like you got a cheap nock off I dont think any merrel are priced below $50 Knife Overlord // October 3 2012 at 10:40 pm // Yup same Cheap too Happy hiking! Hi-Tec ALTITUDE LITE I WATERPROOF JR ($65; - ): One of the -selling in the U.S this lightweight mesh-and-suede-leather high-top boot features a waterproof membrane and sturdy outsole good traction Weight: 10.9 oz The adult-sized version is about $90 TRACTION Whether you’re buying full-on or a pair of trail runners pay special attention to the sole and its traction The deeper the tread the more grip (and less slipping and falling) you’ll have on. Last Name I was looking combat ya know jungle or military style Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) // Octo at 2:14 pm // Reply I hope you have a lot of $$$ because combat cost up to $700!! the cheapest I have found them is $400! good luck. They LOOK HORABLE I/M ONLY TEN I COULDNT EVEN FIT IN THEM Leave a Reply Cancel reply Please do not use your real Nickname November-Now is a great time to buy hiking : season close outs I can usually buy the I want at a 40-50% off discount Great time to suggest to parents a Christmas gift. (Adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); My week: Last weekend we had a combined 60-70 birthday party me and a friend of mine We couldn’t have asked better weather The humidity dropped as did the temperature I think the high was 85ºF Perfect weather She and I had a 30-40 party 30 years ago Now we’re looking ward to a 90-100 party in just 30 more years Most of my aches and pains have lessened and I feel about as good as I have the last 3 or 4 months That doesn’t mean I won’t wake up with a new or recurring problem but I’m appreciating how I feel today That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St Louis What’s going on in your world?   (Adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); Wow I wish I had enough money that I could waist it on too Anyways I have a really nice pair of Timberlands now why spend $600 on when you can get a perfectly good pair a few bucks?? sounds like overkill to me Delta ce // June 5 2012 at 10:17 am // Ha-Ha good one But you cant get a good pair just a few bucks and your inmation they where ISSUED to me so I did not buy them the governt did My had to be bullet resistant as i was a Para rescue-man 8 years in Iraq and Afghanistan Now I use light weight Merrel’s when scouting with the boys and when hunting. I just bought a pair of Timberland woodland that weigh about the same as my tennies; very nice Cost was $ Just a suggestion Delta ce // March 1 2012 at 12:34 pm // Reply Paratrooper combat. Make Your Paper Airplane Soar With These Tips “sorting the Hiking and Shoes every Hiker Alike” @ Boy // Janu at 2:59 pm //. © 2018 Boy Scouts of America All rights reserved | Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: MH Magazine by MH Themes © 2018 Boy Scouts of America All rights reserved | Powered by VIP No NOT THE SAME!!! Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) // October 9 2012 at 1:56 pm // Mine are all leather and have blue laces I doubt highly we have the same boot! Thrifty Scout // Octo at 8:53 am // I got the same deal! Mine are brown leather. I think that they look pretty cool The first one from Cabela’s have great quality Mr sharp blade // Ap at 7:08 pm // Reply I. Brahma hiking are very comtable but they are a little heavy but i got used to them and they are cheap bought mine at walmart on sale about 10 bucks or so MT scout // July 6 2012 at 7:57 pm // Reply No boot is ever waterproof The brand “Snow Seal” is the waterproofer there is LEATHER. By Mark Anders

Email Address * Donation Total: $20 Visit to get involved in Scouting. Roller-Coaster Designer Picks His 8 Favorite Thrill Rides Is the L.L Bean all Leather pjm062900 // Ap at 8:39 am // Reply My Hi-Tec. I just got a new pair of Merrel heavy duty hikers Knife Overlord // Septem at 11:26 am // Reply I got the same ; Wal-mart $ . The way to test is to use them all day a week even if you are sitting The top of the boot will rub more often as well as other non typical pressure points thus showing you problems that would come out far down the trail Usually working with the lacing will fix these problems if not try a different insert. The ones from cabela look nice legoman88 // July 7 2011 at 6:18 pm // Reply KEEN hiking are even better!!! You are my inspiration I own few blogs and sometimes run out from. Spotted an Animal in the Wild? Add It to Our Wildlife Photo Gallery Good idea I purchased some Lacrosse (galoshes not boot ) that I used about three years in the summer tromping around in the mud and in the the winter my regular snow They were fantastic and never got snow. Roller-Coaster Designer Picks His 8 Favorite Thrill Rides Timberland’s are great and very universal because they are very light in weight Delta ce // May 3 2012 at 12:36 pm // Reply Oakley “HellBound” Para- are what I used and they saved my feet on more then one occasion. Spotted an Animal in the Wild? Add It to Our Wildlife Photo Gallery Via   Some troops have a shoe/boot bin or hand-me-down program Donate a pair of you’ve outgrown and grab a pair that fits And if your troop doesn’t have a boot bin start one! (Remember: A new set of $20 insoles can really freshen up a pair. One of your magazines from a couple of months ago had a coupon code a discount Salomon I can’t find it What is the URL that? Thanks! Get a pair that could double as snow Just put on some wool socks bee yoou play in. We’re on our third pair of the LL Bean Lots of muddy trails and both of the first two pairs were like new when we donated them to the Troop bin Can’t beat that durability and comt $50 Zombie apocalypse // Ma at 8:26 pm // Reply I want to get a pair of I have never bought any What is. Subscribe today! @ delta Your sound really tough but I could never afd them and I dont think any other scout could afd it either Thank you preserving my freedom though! Regardless of where you’re going your will last longer if you pick up your feet That way you can get less expensive that will be comtable and last longer Lemons // J at 7:16 pm // Reply What’s the price range hiking   Salomon XA PRO 3D J ($65; ): One of our favorite trail-running options this all-mesh shoe provides lots of breathability with an aggressive off-road sole Instead of conventional laces it has a simple single-pull lace-tightening system plus an antimicrobial treatt to prevent foot stink Weight: 8.5 oz An adult-sized version the XA Pro 3D runs about $130 PRICE Since you’re probably growing out of your shoes quickly durability is less important Odds are you’ll grow out of them long bee you’ll wear them out So cheaper entry-level shoes and will probably be good enough Also look clearance sales at local shops and online deals at sites like and /outlet When you see a really good sale think about planning ahead and buying the next size you’ll need.